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People turn to Marcella Berry because they are unclear about the direction their life is going in, they feel there is something missing. It’s her passion to help them work out what that something is, and how they can find it. People leave her with a new perspective on how to face their obstacles, as they accomplish and conquer, while remaining on track with their goals. She aims to help you enjoy life in the midst of your own personal development.


Then you're in the right place!

Stop hoping and start doing...

Meet Marcella.

I am dedicated to helping others unlock a happy and healthy life.... I’m always updating things here with fresh, new details from my latest projects, events, and more…so stop by often.


If you are lacking the direction needed to get to the next level I am here to help. We will define your potential, time management, your blueprint to financial success


My mission is to entertain and inspire. I deliver Key-Note speaking that makes a differences and sparks necessary conversations


She finds reward in making a difference in someone's life. Looking into a patient's eyes and giving a caring touch or word can make to make connection during their most painful time makes all the difference.


Marcella Berry is a creative and experienced nurse, visionary,, dedicated life coach, public speaker, and business consultant. She is dedicated to helping others discover and follow their gifts, passion, purpose and unlock the joys of life.

She has been working in hospitals more than half of her life. Starting from humble beginnings as a certified nursing assistant to currently being a Registered Nurse. As a graduate of Moorpark College, she excelled inside and outside of the classroom. She was nominated for Woman of the Year- for Big Brothers and Big Sisters. and received the Plane Tree Award for Kindness and Compassion. Even with all of her accomplishments nothing brings he more joy than being a wife and a mother.

Being the oldest of five children has groomed her to be strong willed, nurturing and independent. Those are traits that have kept her grounded and tenacious throughout her life. She was a teenage mother, married, widowed and divorced all before the age 28. She has become a master of turning "lemons into lemonade."

Marcella's life’s mission is to change every person she encounters for the better. Through her journey, she has developed a love to help develop personal mission, and share what she once felt like she needed.  She receives great joy when she serves and uplifts others. In doing so, she has spoke at several conventions, community networking events colleges, youth programs, churches, and women's groups. She enjoys bringing self-worth and confidence out in people in any way she can. Marcella truly believes in the power of creating your personal vision. Look out for her upcoming projects and events this year.

she is

marcella berry




Public Speaking


  • Living Up To Your Potential 

  • Time Management

  • Understanding life lessons

  • Defining personal happiness

  • Could You be doing more ?

  • Existing vs living 


  • Spark necessary conversations

  • Educate and motivate

  • Feel good and be inspired

1 on 1 Success Coaching

Guidance Includes:

  • Living Up To Your Potential and the environment required

  • Time vs . time wasted

  • Understanding lhe lesson in adverse situations

  • Defining personal happiness not societal norms

  • Taking it to the next level

  • Understanding and loving the person you are becoming

  • Evaluating relationships

  • Financial goals and success

  • Finding and protecting you joy




  • Business plans

  • Business credit and raising your score

  • Financial management

  • Financial flow projections

  • Cost controls including breakeven strategies and cost reduction programs

  • Down-sizing

  • Financial Generation

  • Inventory control

  • Profitability analysis

  • Service costing & pricing

Financial Coaching


  • Develop a strong financial plan so you are in control of your finances

  • Understand how investments work so you can do it yourself

  • Gain a better understanding of your retirement options

  • Create a budget that works for you

  • Ensure you're maximizing all of your employee benefits including understanding all your options

  • Assistance with student loan debt management

  • Money behavior and mindset transformation

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